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Nov. 25th, 2006


wow.. saturday already...

@_@... wow this whole week went by pretty fast...
ya i pretty much worked through this whole week.. even on thanksgiving ...
i work at the movie theater btw...
its okay... because people there are really nice.. but at the same time.. its pretty hard when there is lots and lots of people @_@... well i survived this week... *sigh*
X3 i love shounen onmyouji <333 guren/mokkun is sooo <3333 hehehe
i want the next ep.. raw ep 9 should be released on tues.. XD

Nov. 24th, 2006


tired.. tired... and tired

seems like i never ever post on lj.. so i'm doing it now... XP.. and telling people that i'm alive XD lolz XP

Aug. 13th, 2005


rereading is fun... XD

hehe... i reread some prince of tennis today.. ^^

prince of tennis is so exciting ^^...

i want to watch the anime.. but there are way too many eps...

<3... i still need to read summer reading book.... and need to get ready for school...

i don't feel like writing today... i just wanna keep on reading X3...

Aug. 12th, 2005


kon yaya chiwa (that's how kero chan say hi... =p)

beh.. i couldn't think of good title.. so i just put what kero chan say on his "leave it to kero chan"

i guess i'm doing good so far... i got up little bit earier then usual.. because my little brother was little bit loud this morning.. >_>... which kinda woke me up this morning...

i should try to get at least 50% exp points today XD... for my fire/poison mage in maplestory...
hehehe... i guess i'm not playing in scania for a while now.. i'm only playing bera XD... i think because of the 2x drop... i get more money in bera then in scania.. also there are less people.. so i can lvl up faster XD... hehe

anyways.. syuura is still down.. TT... and i can't really show off any of my new collection of ava/sigs.. <3... i'll just wait.. till the forum comes back on... and hope that pyoko will read at least one of her emails soo X3

Aug. 11th, 2005


...-no title-...

<3... i suck at coming up with titles.. or names... >_>

anyways.. today was sorta busy for me i guess...

i helped my mom with making kimchi, because we ran out of some...

its sorta hard work, but the result is that there is enough kimchi to eat for few months XD

i can't live with out kimchi...

anyways... syuura is still down...><...

its about a month or so that it has been down

i get bored sometimes.. and i make mass avas and sigs... but i can't really show them off... because syuura is down atm...

i should make my own site or something... but i suck at making a web...and i keep forgetting to update it..
so i shouldn't bother with it...

darn... i don't feel like counting down the days till school starts.. but there is at least 3 weeks left.. >_>... i want my darn schedule now.. so that i can go and buy stuff that i need..

Aug. 10th, 2005


ack.... 20 more days left till school... i believe...

i didn't really realized the fact that our school decided to start the school before labor day.. ><..
i guess i'll be going to school on the begining of september.. ><...

i still need to read my summer reading book... but i don't feel like reading it.. most of the summer reading books suck.. >_>


i have so many things to do.. but i laze off so much... >_>

i should be studying for the permit test... >_>..

i'm really lazing off here.. <3....

well i should bring myself together..


heh~ another new ava... ^^:

Aug. 6th, 2005


<3... saturday... first week of august almost gone..

<3.. i can't believe that the first week went fast.. -_-lll

anyways.. i made some new ava for my lj ^^

i made mamoru ava.. the default ava that i'm using atm now ^^

hehe... mamoru is my sister princess nick from syuura forum ^^;

i like this ava... and i found bunch of cute pictures yesterday.. so i took my time

to make some ava today ^^

hm.. i don't really have anything to say really... oh well...

Aug. 5th, 2005


yay~ happy friday XD

yay~ friday already =3

lets see...i only have to watch like 10 more eps of ccs... and i'm done watching that series...

and i should watch the movies too... oh well ^_^

syuura is still down... TT...

i thought it'll be back really soon...

anyways... 2x drop is back in bera XD (maplestory)

i was supprised about that yesterday... when i was playing it ^-^

yay~ more zettai shonen is out today ^^

i hope i get the chance to download it... today

i'm still slacking off... and not doing anything... i'll try to be more.. active... or usefull next week..

well at least i hope i'll be doing that...

Aug. 4th, 2005


eek... already thursday.... >_>

i was thinking about starting some school work... but i lazed off again.. -_-ll

its just that there are way too many good animes to watch and mangas to read...

currently i'm watching subbed version of cardcator sakura...

it definitly is better then the dubbed verison ^-^

i'm happy that i get to watch it...

<3... i really should be starting to read my summer reading book... >_>

and i think syuura is still down... -_-ll

i hope that site will come back on soon...><

well i'm glad that there are more people on the chan then usual ^^

#syuura @ irc.irchighway

Aug. 3rd, 2005


cheerful.. yet... very annoyed by stuff...

<3.. i guess i'm ok as usuall...

but with my little brother.. at home...
>_> things can go out of hand.

anyways~ there was a new record today at chan today ^^

21 people



i watched mahoraba today ^^

it was cute as usuall... ^-^

i took my time to screen shot some mahoraba op

i should upload it later on.. or something ^^; (i suck at web stuff..)



hehe subbed version of cardcaptor sakura is lot better then the dubbed

i really recomend everyone to watch the subbed version.. and not the dubbed version

its too bad that sayoran does not get a kiss from sakura in the play "sleeping beauty" (kkk)


<3... syuura is still down... and pitaten is released XD... i'm happy hehe

except.. for... annoying little brother of mine.. -_-ll

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